Dietary Fat Facts

Know more about dietary fat before you eat will help with your diet

To begin with a certain amount of dietary fat is essential to our diets.  It is vitally important to our overall health.  Fats are one of the main components to cell membranes throughout our entire bodies.  If you eat enough natural fats your normal processes will continue intuitively.

Alternately if you eat heavily man-made chemically altered fats, which are found in most processed foods, our cellular purpose will be diminished.  Our bodies will have to work harder to function properly.

In addition to that healthy dietary fats are necessary for the best hormone fabrication and remainder within the body.  This is therefore essential for building muscles.  It is also important in the fat burning process.  Another important function is dietary fats aid in vitamin and mineral usage. Our body needs certain fats to function.

Scientific Data About Dietary Fat

There is very little scientific data to prove that a low-fat diet is good for us.  If body fat is so bad for us why is it that other cultures and consume so much fat in their diet and have such a healthy outcome?

The problem is unprocessed fat is the healthy fat, which no one seems to separate.  There is always the assumption that fat is produced by man.  Natural forms of fat are very healthy for the human body.  As a matter of fact we need it to have a healthy body.

Dietary Fat Facts - GetMyAbsBack.ComSo the fats that are healthy for us are coconut fat.  This is 92% saturated fat.  Yet it is considered a healthy ecological fat.  Coconut fat is excellent for cooking.  Coconut oil is a great way to stir fry.  Saturated fats do not oxidize therefore Coconut oil is much more stable.  Much like polyunsaturated oils when exposed to heat they create free radicals.  The best source of coconut oil is organic coconut milk.  Extra-virgin olive oil comes from pressing olives that have higher amounts of antioxidants.  Extra-virgin olive oil is extracted with the healthiest choices of liquid oils.  You can make your own salad dressing by mixing a small amount of extra virgin olive oil and vinegar together.

Bittersweet dark chocolate is derived from the cocoa bean.  It is a good source of antioxidants.  It is responsible for dark chocolate.  Dark chocolate contains very little sugar.  Although it is a very healthy snack it is that it is very high in calories.

Avocados are very healthy but very high in fat.  They provide many nutrients to our diets.  They provide fiber and the healthy fats.  A sliced avocado on a sandwich is very delicious and nutritious.  Many people like to make avocados into guacamole dip.

Good Dietary Fat

Salmon provides omega-3 fatty acids.  This is where the good omega-3 comes from.  You can also get omega 3 fatty acids from walnuts and flax seeds.  Nuts contain fats that are very healthy for us to consume.  When we eat fats from nuts we are eating fats that are healthy for our bodies.   Sunflower seeds can also be very healthy for us and contain fats that we need.

As you can see there are plenty of foods that have fats that are good for us.  Without these foods we would not have the essential fatty acids that our bodies need.  It’s the natural fats that are essential to our overall well being. Book mark to get future articles about dietary fats.