Eating Fast Foods the Right Way

It is often difficult to find food at a fast food joint that is healthy.  But it can be done.  You just have to look for the foods that are not fried.  Avoid eating foods that are heavy in saturated or trans fats.  This means avoiding the french fries and the breaded fried foods.  Anything that is deep fried is going to be unhealthy for you to eat.

Hydrogenated oils are loaded with trans fat and this is what they fry your foods with at a fast food restaurant.  As little as 1 gram of trans fat per day can have a negative effect on your body.  It can cause hardening of the arteries, heart disease, some forms of cancer, not to mention the weight gain.

The typical breaded chicken or fish sandwich and french fry meal contains 10 grams of trans fat.  Add a sweet treat to your meal for desert, which is commonly made with margarine or shortening, and you are up to 13 grams of trans fats for your meal.  Let’s face it is just plain unhealthy to eat at a fast food restaurant if you order from the standard menu.

You can find food that is healthy if you choose a place that has a salad bar.  There you can find fresh fruits and vegetables to tempt your palate.  It is possible to find a fast food restaurant that serves healthy foods.  Some restaurants serve baked potatoes.  This is a good way to eat a potato from a fast food restaurant.  Another good way to eat healthy is to eat a bowl of chili from a fast food restaurant.

Mexican fast food restaurants are healthier than your standard fast food restaurants.  This is because they tend to serve food that is not fried.    Refried beans and cheeses are healthier to eat than a standard order of deep fried french fries.  If you order a burrito you will get a healthier choice from a fast food restaurant because it is not fried and it is generally made where fresh vegetables and refried beans.

Eating fast foods can be a healthy choice if you watch what you eat.  Some of the healthier fast food joints are sandwich shops.  There you will not find a deep fryer cooking your food.  You will find that your choice of bread and meat will be added as per your request and you can have it toasted if you desire.  Then you get to pick the vegetables that they put on it for you.  A sandwich shop will provide you with a healthier choice in a fast food environment.

One thing you need to will avoid when you are eating at a fast food restaurant is the sodas.  If you have to have a soda it is best to avoid sugary drinks that come out of the drink fountains.  The diet sodas or the water dispenser are a better choice when you are in need of a drink with your meal.   It is never good to overload on sodas when you are out for a meal at a fast food joint.  Always remember to look for the foods that are healthier when you eat at a fast food restaurant.